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Grupo Puma is a group of companies specialised in the world of construction. Its more than twenty-five years of experience and devotion to the sector, allow us to offer an exceptional product range with renowned quality, the fruit of an exhaustive study of its components and qualities. Thanks to this we launch products onto the market with an excellent price-quality relation.

Grupo Puma it boasts eighteen production and distribution centers located throughout Spain, and two in Portugal, equipped with the most advanced technology, to give the best cover and service to our product range.

With a production capacity of more than 1,000,000 tonnes/year, Grupo Puma established as one of the country’s leading manufacturers.

Our experience, service quality and vision for the future, encourage us to achieve our objectives day by day in our goal to produce products of an unbeatable quality. Concepts we have wanted to reflect in our image.

Company Details

Logaval ceramics

Avda. Agrupación Córdoba 17, 14014 Córdoba (Spain)


General (15,0Mb)

Decorative Aggregates (1,0Mb)

Flooring Line (1,6Mb)

Landscaping Line (1,6Mb)

Paviland Stamped (1,5Mb)